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Now Brewing: Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle: (My all-time favorite cup to brew! It takes me back to spring days spent picking raspberries from the vines across from my grandparents house. It’s “a rich coffee enhanced with chocolate and juicy raspberry flavors”

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m a write-aholic. It’s been four days, six hours, twenty-four minutes, and sixteen seconds since I last wrote. 

Writing for me is a journey. I’ve been writing little things, bigger things, and now my novel, since I learned to read  years ago before kindergarten. It’s been a constant battle for me. To write–or to do any of the other things in my life I should be doing. The need to write comes to me at some of the most random, inappropriate times. 

In the middle of history class, while driving on the freeway, in the shower. 

When this need strikes there’s no stopping it, and I’m not satisfied until I’ve written. It’s a relaxation technique; it’s a way for me to avoid doing everything else. It’s my pipe dream.

When I did learn to read, I remember thinking to myself how cool it would be; yes, I know, “cool” is outdated, but I was four at the time; to be able to write something that people all over the country–all over the world, could read. Thus, my dream was born.

From then on, I’ve been writing. The novel I’m currently writing has been a two-year project and I’d like to finish it this year. It’s sitting at 243 pages. 

A favorite writer of mine, Jennifer Weiner, author of Good in Bed , In Her Shoes, and most recently, Then Came You wrote in her “For Writer’s” post of her official web site (www.jenniferweiner.com) that:

to be a novelist, “there’s no one path to take.”  

On the site, she has written 8 tips to becoming a novelist. Although I believe writers are born, not made, I was curious to read on. Weiner writes that:

“novelists come in all shapes and sizes.”

She says they’re men, women, people of all kinds. She jokes, “Some of them are very attractive,” and adds that, “the rest of us resent them horribly.” 

In the next posts, I will cover her tips and how I’m able to relate with myself and my writing. She’s a published writer, but who does she think she is giving the struggling writers tips anyway? I’m wondering if there’s anything actually useful in her “tips” or if she’s just another “I got lucky and you could too” celebrity.   

 I’m also going to be chipping away on my own writer’s block and dragging you all along with me when I have the urge to write in the margin of my Spanish notebook or when my head is lathered with shampoo. Or when I simply cannot bring myself to write at all. 

I plan on posting some of my own work for critique and also posting and analyzing some of my own favorite works.

All of my struggles and triumphs, and everything else along the way, I hope to share with you, my readers.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I know in the end, it will be worth the tears, the insanity, and the carpal tunnel that I’m subjecting myself to. 

I plan on changing it up a lot, because I believe that to be interesting, you need to keep it fresh. So stick around, you just may be in the presence of the next J.K. Rowling or Harper Lee or Louisa May Alcott  or even Emily Dickinson...

Well hopefully not the next Dickinson….      


Until next time,                                                                                        

  Kathryn E. Weast


  1. Great idea Kathryn! You clearly have a real knack for writing and I look forward to checking in on your journey. Stay safe on the freeway my friend.

  2. Thanks Carrie! I hope everything is well with you! I enjoyed checking out your blog as well! Your “5 Reasons to Love Fall in Wisconsin” is spot on!

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