On the “Write” Track

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Pumpkin Spice, a personal fall favorite: I really enjoy “the experience of fresh-baked pumpkin pie” in a cup. It reminds me and excites me about the months of fall to come and the warm fuzziness that comes with Thanksgiving with my loving family.

While sneaking a peek at the tips from Jennifer Weiner‘s “For Writers” list, I found the next one, “Get a Job (Not an MFA)” too imperative to not write on right away–so I am.

As a Media Studies student going into the Journalism track; this–out of the tips I’ve read thus far, spoke to me the most. Weiner even writes that:

“journalism is just about the perfect career for aspiring young writers” 

Wow! If that’s not an “Ah-Ha!” moment, as one of my previous English teachers (thanks Mrs. Parker) calls them, for me as a journalism student; then what is?

Speaking from her own experience, Weiner tells of her own years of work at The Centre Daily Times, a small paper in Pennsylvania. She talks about timeliness and deadlines, both journalistic strong points. She also talks about writing to fit the space which as another vital skill for a journalist to learn and adhere to. She finishes describing the attributes of journalistic training by writing:

“this willingness to be edited, and to meet deadlines, will make you different, and easier to work with, than a many great novelists” 

and adds that,

“Your editor will adore you,”

which is most encouraging for any aspiring writer to hear. Journalism however isn’t the only route that Weiner encourages. She urges young writers to take any job, which is also fantastic to read given the current job market. She warns to stay away from bookstores and working in publishing, but leaves all other avenues open. Her challenge is getting writers out of their comfort zone, forcing them to live, to observe, to think–about everything around them. She says to,

“Just do something that takes you out in the world,” 

thus leaving the possibilities endless. 

One last plug for staying out of writing school she says is having more experience to write on and another wonderfully refreshing point to read is that it will save me money!

After reading such encouraging words on journalism, I feel like I’m on the right (write?) track and that my writer’s timeline will progress along nicely according to Weiner’s list. 

Weiner’s next tip “Write To Please Yourself” looks short, but is a topic that is going to require a post of its own so I’ll tackle that next time.

See you soon,

Kathryn E. Weast

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  1. A nice look for the blog, and your dedication to it is impressive. Keep it up!

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