As The Sun Sets On Another Day…

Now Brewing: Van Houtte’s Crème Brûlée: a delicious blend of vanilla and caramel that tastes so close to the real deal, I have a hard time reminding myself that it’s coffee, and not the popular dessert that even earned itself a mention in the popular High School Musical series. 

After settling back into the school mode after last weekend’s trip to Orlando, I’ve been finding it even more difficult to write. I’ve been playing catchup naturally, but still–it’s so defeating when I reach yet another end of a day without having added anything

 new to Second Shots. Today I was able to pound out a few pages, making the grand total a flat 250 pages. I hacked a lot this week during editing.

Although the setting in Orlando was beautiful, I still couldn’t manage to get anything written after de-boarding the plane in the magical city. I was busy sight seeing, and I suppose picking up experiences that maybe one day will resurface in my writing. Hey, I gotta justify it somehow!

Now that I’m home though and finally caught up on all my homework and even a little ahead of the game, I took a look at Jennifer Weiner‘s list again and the sixth tip couldn’t be any more fitting for me.

Although I don’t see getting a dog in the cards for me in the immediate future, since I’m not sure my roommate or dorm-mates would be very happy with me. I do need to get a schedule for my writing. I need a regiment, a time set aside everyday that no matter what; I’ll sit down and write for thirty minutes. Weiner writes that writing is:

” a form of training that’s as much as physical as mental in nature-you sit down, you do the writing, no matter what distractions are out there, no matter that you’re tired or bored or uninspired.”

This really motivates me to get my own butt into gear. This week I am really going to strive to get back into my two-page a day writing goal that worked so well for me last year. I’m challenging myself that next week, at this time, Second Shots will be at least 264 pages long, if not longer. I’m going to sit down, regardless of what classes I had, or meetings I went to, and write, everyday from seven to eight o’clock. 

It might not be a dog, but I’m setting my own motivation. I’m going to get back into a routine because like Weiner wrote, 

“writing is about talent and creativity, but it’s also about discipline- the ability to sit yourself down in that seat, day after day…”

The routine will be good for me and for Second Shots, no matter how frustrating I can already foresee it being. 

Now, as the sun sets on another day, I can say that I know tomorrow–I’m going to write. 

See You All Soon,

Kathryn E. Weast

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