A Celebration of Progress

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Hot Cocoa : it’s not coffee, but in honor of the cold weather that recently hit Stevens Point and the possible impending snowfall I’ve heard rumors of, I thought there’d be no better way to spend the night catching up on some writing and primetime television than with a steaming hot cup of cocoa. 

So far, my 2 page a day goal has been back on track. I decided not to start it until Monday; starting the week fresh and all that jazz, and as of a few minutes ago, I hit 255 pages.

In honor of hitting the big 2-5-0, however, I wanted to celebrate with my readers by offering another sneak peak into Second Shots. So for the next two weeks, there will be a second look into Second Shots:  here. 

I plan on continuing with Jennifer Weiner’s list For Writers on the next post, hopefully tomorrow. I am on the “Get Published” tip, and I figured nothing would be a better preface to the tip than another look at my work in progress; that one day I hope will be published. I also wanted to celebrate you, my loyal readers as well.

I hope you all enjoy the second look, and remember, it’s only up there for a limited time.

See You All Soon,

Kathryn E. Weast

One comment

  1. thanks for the link to the “for writers” thing by jennifer weiner. that was helpful. i haven’t read any of her books, but i think my daughter has. would her work be classified as “chick-lit”?

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