The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Now Brewing: Basement Brewhaus‘ drink of the month the Sap Sucker. This sweet mix of maple flavors is perfect for this fall evening. It’s warmness extends not only from the coffee itself, but well into my belly as I sip this cup.

As another school week comes to an end, I’m proud to announce that my goal of two pages is still on track and Second Shots has hit a new grand total of 273 pages. I can’t believe how fast it’s all been going since I finally sat down to write and set my mind on getting that goal finished everyday. 

One of the biggest projects I was working this week, aside of studying my brains out for my Spanish literature midterm, was creating a slideshow narrative of Second Shots‘ progress so far. I started writing it in August of 2010, right before moving up to Stevens Point to begin my freshman year of college. Although it hasn’t always moved at full force, and I’m certainly far from ready to be a NaNoWriMo’er, I am proud of the progress I have made so far. More on that National Novel Writing Month later too!

Although I don’t have much more time or battery life to write more today, I hope you’ll check out my slideshow. Here it is: The Rest Is Still Unwritten. Don’t forget to turn the captions on too, they’re part of the story. 

I’d like to give another big thank you to Christopher Miller for the interview, as I used some aspects in the show. Also, thanks again to Kevin MacLeod for the royalty free music tracks, “Wallpaper” and “We Wish You”. Another thank you to the folks at  for the wintery shots and the coffee pictures. 

See You All Soon,

Kathryn E. Weast

One comment

  1. Your blog is really open. I don’t know another word to explain it, but it’s the second refreshing blog I read today. There’s this genuine feeling behind it, like in your writing. Speaking of the writing, I’ll have to keep coming back every once and a while to finish up the story you have. It’s lovely. It’s a style I really wanted to mix into the SciFi I’m writing, but I couldn’t pull it off. Still, I love what you’ve got going on. Good luck with the progression of the manuscript. WoW you’re writing a lot of pages.

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