A Writer’s Trade Secret: Reading

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Gingerbread : with the Thanksgiving holiday gone, the Christmas season is officially here and with it comes all of Green Mountain Coffee’s holiday flavors. This delicious cup tastes just like the little men who inhabit the sweet houses that are holiday baking tradition among my friends and family. A perfect compliment with the humming of Christmas carols and jingling of bells that accompany the season. 

I apologize for the hiatus of the past week. With the business of a Thanksgiving break complete with great food, a Green Bay Packer win, and awesome deals on Black Friday, it was hard to grab a second alone to think–let alone write.

Despite the business of the week, I have been working on a video story which I’m excited to share with you all. It’s called The Writer’s Trade Secret: Reading and it features one of the most influential people in my life–the beloved English teacher Ms. Sue White. I’d like to say a huge thank you to White and also to my fellow Creative Writing classmate, Lisa Deakins, for their patience during the interview process and for making it a fun project! 

One final thank you to my brother, McCartney, for his wonderful modeling of reading he let me capture this weekend. 

I hope you all enjoy it–it was a blast to film and put together. 


See You All Again Soon,

Kathryn E. Weast

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