Daring to Go Electronic

Now Brewing: As I helped decorate the Christmas tree this past weekend at home with family, my father poured my mother and I a glass of creamy eggnog–a holiday staple. Although my family always buys a big gallon and everyone enjoys a cup or two, we always seem to have some left however. After my Mom told me some people use eggnog in place of milk or creamer in their coffee during the season, I decided to give it a try. I used a dark roast  and added a splash of eggnog in place of milk. It was actually pleasantly surprising and lead me to look for other unconventional uses for the holiday drink. I found a page of recipes (including what looks like a delictable french toast recipe from the Season 1 Top Chef winner, Harold Dieterle) which all incorporate eggnog. So this year–instead of practicing your well-honed chugging skills at the end of the season, consider trying to use eggnog in your coffee or in one of these yummy recipes

Publishing remains still distant in my writing future, but for many authors it is a daunting task–which became easier and more profitable in their own hands. Publishing their own work as E-books has revolutionized the publishing world. There is no longer a be all, end all answer of having to wait on a publisher to purchase their manuscript. Authors are able to design their own story, set its price, and distribute it electronically through many retailers and devices. According to USA Today article, Self-published authors find e-successeach day

“brings more digital modes for readers to obtain books in non-print forms, creating more choices for readers, opportunities for self-published writers, and challenges for traditional publishers.”

This new practice, fueled by Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Sony’s eReader and Apple’s iPad, has created a gem for self-employed writers. Michael Prescott, a featured novelist in the USA Today article, whose 5 novels have been on the USA Today best-sellers list for 42 weeks, was quoted saying that “it’s the best time for an independent writer to get out there.”

Other websites like Smashwords.com, used by NaNoWriMo profiled writer, T.D. Wulf  to publish his works, Lulu.com (which is quite similar), and even kid-friendly build-your-own sites like Storybird which was shared with me by a fellow college friend; are creating a better balance for authors. Self-publishing gives authors much more control over their work–it’s a power shift. Another self-published author, Barbara Freethy, who has 9 USA Today top sellers, “There have been more changes in the last two years than in the previous 18 years I have been in publishing.” 

Although these power shifts are hinting at a paradigm shift and an ultimate demise for publishers, it’s not the end of the road yet. Many authors are offering both electronic and print versions of their new publishings. Others are standing with paperbacks until the bitter end. It’s no secret that e-books have dominated the literary world however. In 2010, according to Mashable, Kindle e-books outsold real print books during Christmas. 

Milan Kundera, author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, once said that the novelist’s ambition was 

” not to do something better than his predecessors but to see what they did not see, say what they did not say.”

Novelists who dare to try electronic publishing are embracing this principle.  They are saying what the others did not say.  They see the importance of joining the electronically dominated era we live in. They’re shifting the world for authors. 

They’ve certainly opened a whole new avenue for myself and Second Shots

Maybe one day you’ll be reading my work on your e-Reader or Kindle. 

Until Then, See You All Soon,

Kathryn E. Weast


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a “kill a tree” book. LOL I’ve been reading on an electronic format for over 2 years. Whether or not publishers like it, electronic books are the future. So many doors have been opened because of it. Ten years ago, if you wanted to write a book, you’d probably be at the mercy of a publishing house, but now…a writer doesn’t need to put that kind of limitation on themselves. It’s amazing! Indy authors finally have a chance to be heard. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. It’s great to have the choice. Ebooks are so conveniant, you get a greater variety of writers, independent and well established, and you can get them for free when your broke. But every reader out there will know how fun it is to peruse a bookshop and the joy of receiving a great book as a gift. I can’t wait for my e-reader this Christmas though!

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