Sexy And I Know It

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Spicy Eggnog. This creamy blend is one of my favorites to brew around the holiday season. It truly has the tangy taste that I just love about my traditional few glasses of eggnog during the holidays. Perfect cup to compliment the return of my Christmas playlist and ABC Family Christmas specials. 

It has been awhile since I wrote a post dedicated to my writing and I apologize, but you will all have to wait a little longer. 

About a week ago I heard the news that a friend of mine passed away. Death has never been something that I’ve been particularly good with and frankly, who is? However, for some reason the passing of this friend has been different for me.

It has been completely eye opening to me. I guess it is because she was just a year older than me–and had so much of her life ahead of her. Or maybe because she was always so full of life and smiling. She was always singing Disney songs and I will never forget how she danced to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” on the car ride home from the airport after the 2011 PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, which was the first chance I got to know her. 

I will never forget how she walked right under the bouncer at the bar on girl’s night. I will never forget how on the plane ride home our president taught her the “facts of life” with animal crackers. I will never forget seeing her and her flowered blanket every Tuesday and Thursday in Ethics class. I will never forget working on our research project together and making fun of how many times our teacher said the word “Um.” I’ll never forget the many, many times I fell asleep in that 8 a.m. research class and had her beside me to poke me and wake me back up. 

All of these memories I will cherish forever but most of all her death has taught me to no longer take anything for granted. You always hear that no one knows how much time they have and the phrase “YOLO” is ever popular–yet, how many people truly do live like it’s their last day? 

This death has affected me in a way that none of the others have. There have been times in the last week that I have completely lost my train of thought and found myself thinking of my friend. 

I wish there was something I could do to help her family and her other friends that are hurting. I think the best way is for everyone to live their own lives to the fullest.

I think it is time to do things you’d never dream of doing. Take the chances you’ve been too scared to take. Tell those you love that you love them and do it a lot; people forget easily. Don’t spend anymore time dwelling on the past–instead focus on the future. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

It has taken me realizing through this tragedy that I don’t have forever to do all the things I’ve dreamt of doing, to realize that now is the time to do them. So thank you Amber for showing me that I have the strength to follow this dream and try to publish my novel. Thank you for showing me that I need to appreciate all that I have and not take anyone or anything for granted. I know we could have been closer and I wish now more than ever that I had the chance to show you the kind of friendship you so greatly deserved. You were a beautiful person and I know you are an even more gorgeous angel. 

I’m going to live the rest of my life like I’m “Sexy and I Know It” and I could not thank you more for showing me the importance of my life.


                                        Until We Meet Again,

                                            Kathryn E. Weast

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