Your Heart and My Heart are Very, Very Old Friends: To My Dear Friend on her Wedding Week

Now Brewing: In celebration of the final day of my second Whole30, I’m treating myself to an almond milk latte this morning. If you are looking to increase your energy and happiness, while maybe even decreasing a bit of weight – check out the Whole30. It’s changed my life, truly. 

According to friendship expert Irene Levine, most friendships don’t make it past seven years. The reason, she says, is that over time people change and so friendships change over time, too. But, for me—I’ve known my closest friends and been tight with each of them for longer than seven years. I think what makes old friends fantastic is that you have a shared history that trumps being busy, being apart, and change.

The saying goes that “it takes a long time to grow an old friend” but I feel fortunate to know that the comfort of seasoned friendships is second to none.

It’s strange—even though we don’t get to speak as often as we used to, I still think of one of my dearest friends just as much as I did at the onset of our friendship almost 15 years ago. I’ll catch myself giggling at something she would think is funny or smiling when something sparks a memory of us—like cream soda, the song This Little Light of Mine and Red Vines.

It’s like no matter what life throws our way—different colleges, moving, big girl jobs, and now marriage—we’ve got something time and space just can’t touch.

Throughout our lives we have shared a lot. When I switched from public school in 4th grade to a tiny private school, my mother wanted to make sure I had a friend to show me around the halls and help me feel not so alone, so she called the school and they picked my now lifelong friend to be my assigned buddy, and there’s a reason why the school chose her. She has always been the organized one in our friendship—down to every last annoying detail. Although this may have driven me insane on quite a few weekend getaways and hangouts, she was the perfect person to show me the ropes at my new school and she’s been the perfect friend to help me keep my life together in the years since.IMG_8012

We jumped into the awkward middle school days together—when we’d rush home from school and log on to Yahoo! Messenger to dissect the days’ events and current crushes. Because I am a pack rat, I even still have a few scribbled notes passed between our desks in 7th grade talking about our weekend plans, which often included sleepovers with and my mom’s famous nachos after one of our softball games.

We jumped into venturing back to public school for high school. The bad breakups, the rumors, the mean girls, four more years of softball games, team sleepovers, long summer days on the boat and the many, many trips to Anchor In for blue moon-strawberry twist ice cream cones.

We jumped into attending different colleges after high school. Although just an hour and half apart, distance never seemed so daunting and Skype dates and phone calls became the new norm. Christmas break turned into so much more than just presents as it was one of the only times we were both home at the same time and could reconnect. I still look forward to this time of year because it means I’ll get to catch up with her and our host of other middle and high school pals.

We jumped into my first (and second) full time post-graduation job placements and more distance. We survived more breakups and random hookups and I’m especially glad that she’s found the one because keeping track of nearly 15 years’ worth of crushes and kisses gets more difficult by the year.

We jumped into her engagement and survived the bachelorette party and the bridal shower.

She’s been lucky enough to find a good man who knows how to care for her, as she so deserves. From this moment on, nothing will quite be the same and I could not be happier that the Lord has guided her to meet her better half. My biggest hope is that the decisions the two of them make together as husband and wife will help them remain happy, healthy and peaceful.

FullSizeRenderAnd now, as you embark on this new adventure, my prayer for you Briel is that you always be faithful not only to your partner, but also to yourself. Because being married doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in John, but rather that you should continue to grow together, as individuals and as a couple. Keep your dreams as lively as they’ve been since we were children and form new dreams together as you embark on this beautiful journey.

May you have the best life; I will always be with you (and probably laughing with and at you, because that’s what I’m best at). I wish you and John the most wonderful day, and I cannot wait to jump into this next chapter with you. I love you more than Chili Cheese Fritos, IcyHot, and business casual clothing. I will always be just a call away if you need me today, tomorrow, and another 15 years from now.

“And I’ll promise to be there whenever you need me. Because you’ll always be my best friend” – Relient K

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Kathryn E. Weast

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