Turning The Page on Chippin’ Off the Block

NIMG_8944ow Brewing: Never mind what’s in my mug – let’s talk about how lucky I am to have great friends around the world. Special thanks to Taylor for sending me this bad boy from Denver. I don’t mind your ulterior motives  😉

It’s Trivia Thursday! Feel like celebrating? Great! Let’s test your knowledge of my blog. If you answered no, just scroll down a wee bit and keep reading. Don’t worry there’s no grade at the end!

Good luck!

[Teacher’s note: You might be tempted to cheat by looking at the About My Blog Page, but you’ll notice that reads a bit different than before.]

Question No. 1: The blog you’re reading previously held which of the following domains:

  1. a) kathryn.weast.com
  2. b) chippinofftheblock.com
  3. c) weasterbunny.net

Question No. 2: This blog was founded in:

  1. a) September 2011
  2. b) January 2015
  3. c) April 2010

Question No 3: In the past, this blog has featured:

  1. a) Personal commentary and stories
  2. b) Videos, podcasts and slideshows
  3. c) Interviews
  4. d) All of the above – duh!

If you answered B, A, and D – congratulations! You’ve been around the block, pun so very intended, with me since the beginning of my blog on that breezy fall day of my sophomore year of college.

If you didn’t answer correctly – no worries! Today is all about revisiting the journey that’s gotten my blog to where it is today. If you’ve ever visited before, you might notice the blog has a new name and a new look. I’m excited to talk more about that in a bit, but first – let’s travel back about seven years.

Ah, junior year of high school. No longer the underclassmen following the lead of our older friends and siblings. Able to take the elective courses we wanted, to start on the varsity sports teams. Never mind the insane pressures of ACT/SAT preparations, filling out scholarship applications, touring colleges and applying to attend them, and trying to figure out just what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. Yeah, apart from those minor inconveniences, life was good. I’m one of those lucky (hateable) people who’s always had an idea about what I want to do “when I grow up.” Since I knew I wanted to write, applying to study journalism in college was a natural choice, especially since I heard from my family and school counselors alike that it just wasn’t plausible to rely solely on becoming an author. I needed a day job and I felt certain as I headed off to my freshman year of college a year later that journalism was the job for me.

Flash forward another year and a half to the fall of my sophomore year of college. Freshman year hadn’t gone exactly how I’d planned. I didn’t quite fall in love with my journalism classes, but they were tolerable. I didn’t make lifelong friends in my dorm –in fact I quite hated living there. I wasn’t sure journalism was the right fit for me after all. Even though I wasn’t completely confident in my future career path that semester, I remained optimistic. I had signed up for one journalism course and also a couple public relations (PR) classes. I’d sat in on a couple meetings of our university’s PR organization during my freshman year and figured if nothing more, joining the club would introduce me to some new friends. Then I received my semester assignment in my journalism course, which had a multimedia focus. Form and write a blog about something you’re passionate about. ‘Well that’s easy, I remember thinking, I’ll write about writing.’

Soon after, my blog Chippin’ Off the Block was born. During the first few months of writing, I featured slideshows, podcasts and brief videos to tell my story as a writer. I added personal commentary on writing tips from some of my favorite authors and interviewed fellow aspiring novelists taking part in National Novel Writing Month (which is in November). Soon I realized that writing the blog was more than just a class assignment, so even after the course ended, I kept up with posting stories and updates on my writing career semi-regularly.

For those of you who know me, you know that the next few years of college went much better than my first and I enjoyed pursuing a dual degree in journalism and public relations. Throughout college and into my early professional career, my blog morphed into an outlet for other writers of all kinds. In addition to sharing parts of my writing story, I also shared tips to help others as well. As the title implied, Chippin’ Off The Block was a spot for writers to come find the “write” inspiration and help to overcome the challenges of writing (especially dreaded writer’s block). Through tips, personal commentary, and interviews with writers of all genres and other passionate people, I aimed to address all aspects of writing, the writing and publishing process, and also give myself a way to exercise my creative ability outside of the professional world of technical and sales writing (my current career path).

But just as my own writing style and goals have changed in the five years since I first began Chippin’ Off the Block and even more since high school, so has my blog. It’s no longer just about me as a writer – or sharing tips with fellow writers. It’s no longer a class assignment or something I feel obligated to maintain.

What is it then?, you may ask. Truthfully, I’m unsure. And my uncertainty translated into no longer feeling like writing under Chippin’ Off the Block was right for me.

What I know is that I still love storytelling and using my written words to inspire and encourage those around me. What I’m still figuring out is how to best use my blog to accomplish those loves.

So, I’m turning the page – quite literally – on Chippin’ Off the Block. I can’t promise it will be pretty, or regular, or helpful – but I promise that I’ll do my best to make my stories worth reading. I hope you’ll continue to join me at Weast of Eden as I write the next chapter in my story.

The rest is still unwritten,

Kathryn E. Weast


  1. I just wanted to say, you are amazing and I enjoy reading your writing even when it doesn’t pertain directly to me. I always take away something from it. I can’t wait for that first book!

    We all ebb and flow as we grow (notice I did not say age) and I think the name you’ve chosen, Weast of Eden, speaks volumes. I love it. I’m excited to follow your journey on and off page. You are a very inspirational young woman. We feel lucky to be in your acquaintance. Go ahead and correct my grammar, I know I’m terrible at it! LOL Love The Gang

    1. Barb,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I too feel be lucky to be in all of YOUR acquaintances.

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