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Want to be a better employee? Sit next to your boss

Now Brewing: Chameleon Cold-Brew. Love this stuff more than words could begin to describe. Since I’m on a Whole30 right now (actually going for 100 days this round!) I’m sticking to the basic Black brew. “Oh great, an organizational change,” I remember thinking when I read the email that our team would soon have a […]

Navigating the Workplace to Grow Your Career Effectively – As Told by My Career Tour Guides

Now Brewing: Indian Summer Montmorency Cherry Juice. So much love for this juice, even though it’s not coffee. Best part? 0 added sugars! Throughout 2015, I had the opportunity to interview many of my fantastic teammates for internal staff featurettes. Although I use a mix of fun and unique questions in these stories, one that […]

Turning The Page on Chippin’ Off the Block

Now Brewing: Never mind what’s in my mug – let’s talk about how lucky I am to have great friends around the world. Special thanks to Taylor for sending me this bad boy from Denver. I don’t mind your ulterior motives  😉 It’s Trivia Thursday! Feel like celebrating? Great! Let’s test your knowledge of my […]

All I Got for Christmas Was A Mental Block – Awesome, Now What?

Now Brewing: Starbucks VIA® Instant Peppermint Mocha Latte. Okay, I’m not actually enjoying one of these right now (because I’m on a #JanuaryWhole30), but I so wish I was. Best instant coffee I’ve had to date and getting them as a gift makes them extra sweet. Hello…. Is it me you’re looking for? (You thought […]

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

Now Brewing: Sparkling Cucumber Limeade. I used to hate seltzer water, but then LaCroix started making delicious flavors like this blackberry cucumber. Now I drink it all the time and am always trying new combinations. I love this one because it’s super refreshing and reminds me of a summertime drink…and I just can’t quite let […]

A Book is a Device to Ignite the Imagination

Now Brewing: Wide Awake Coffee Co. Hazelnut Crème, with a scoop of organic pumpkin and a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s not a PSL, but it’s sure close and Whole30–approved. The real deal will just have to wait until October 1st. Welcome to fall! With the return of cooler temperatures and all other things […]

The 15 Minute Passion Project

Now Brewing: Isagenix Organic Coffee. I never full gave up coffee on Isagenix (shhh!) but I’m so happy that they’re finally selling coffee so I can stop feeling so guilty about my habit and keep in line with my plan. Throughout high school and most of college, I used to pride myself on being able […]

Kathryn’s Keys for Killing It In College (and Life!)

Now Brewing:  Good old H20. I’m trying to be better at drinking the good stuff. Here’s why.   What did I get myself into? I remember thinking, as I looked around the room full of strangers I now knew as my fellow homeroom classmates. They all were seemingly lifelong friends, laughing and reminiscing on their shared histories—none of which […]

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Now Brewing: I’m a sucker for a good golden ale. Big Wave’s my favorite. Who doesn’t love a beer that not only looks, but tastes like the beach? Every once in a while, I read something that makes me step back and really ponder who Kathryn is. I mean really ponder who I am at […]

Just Say No To Always Saying Yes

Now Brewing: Ionix Supreme. During business trips, it’s tough to eat the way you want. Luckily, before jetting off on my trip this time I invested in the Isagenix system to keep my meals on track. So far, so good and the Ionix even helps me feel more awake which is much needed due to my […]