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The 15 Minute Passion Project

Now Brewing: Isagenix Organic Coffee. I never full gave up coffee on Isagenix (shhh!) but I’m so happy that they’re finally selling coffee so I can stop feeling so guilty about my habit and keep in line with my plan. Throughout high school and most of college, I used to pride myself on being able […]

Kathryn’s Keys for Killing It In College (and Life!)

Now Brewing:  Good old H20. I’m trying to be better at drinking the good stuff. Here’s why.   What did I get myself into? I remember thinking, as I looked around the room full of strangers I now knew as my fellow homeroom classmates. They all were seemingly lifelong friends, laughing and reminiscing on their shared histories—none of which […]

My Mentor Helped Me Overcome My Phone Call Aversion and Other Reasons Mentors Are Important

Now Brewing: Starbucks’ VIA Instant. Don’t knock it until you try it. Instant coffee never tasted so good. I’m a big fan of the Italian Roast. Getting stuck in traffic? Not fun. Getting stuck in traffic on the morning of your first day of work? Not the strongest start—but that’s what happened to me just over […]

What I Owe to My 5-Year-Old Self at 23

Now Brewing: Starbucks’ Iced Coffee. ‘Bux is trying to take away my gold card because I haven’t earned my 30 stars this year, so I figured I’d cool off with one of my faves since it’s 85 degrees here in Washington D.C. and I’m from Wisconsin (where it’s still somewhat dreadfully cold) and I didn’t pack entirely appropriately. We’ve heard it […]

The Adventure Along The Way

Now Brewing: Celestial Seasonings’ Sweet Raspberry Perfect Iced Tea: Spring is here it seems and I felt it was necessary to enjoy one of my favorite warmer weather K-Cups this afternoon. This variety is one of the Brew-Over-Ice options that you can make in the Keurig brewer. It definitely reminds me of summer and keeps […]