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If You Write Chick Lit or Your Writing Becomes the Center of Pop Culture….You Might Not Get Covered

Now Brewing: Van Houtte’s Harvest Blend: this coffee is perfect for fall evenings like tonight, where we have heard rumors of approaching snow, but still see remnants of falling leaves and can get away with wearing our good leather moccasins for at least a few more hours. It has a unique taste which mirrors these […]

Reading Into The Final Haul of a Writer’s Journey

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee‘s Holiday Peppermint: this seasonal blend is not currently for sale, but should be available soon. I decided to brew my last K-Cup from last year’s variety in honor of November and with its arrival, acceptable celebration of the Christmas season. November 1st has long been the marker that starts my […]

A Celebration of Progress

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Hot Cocoa : it’s not coffee, but in honor of the cold weather that recently hit Stevens Point and the possible impending snowfall I’ve heard rumors of, I thought there’d be no better way to spend the night catching up on some writing and primetime television than with a steaming hot […]

As The Sun Sets On Another Day…

Now Brewing: Van Houtte’s Crème Brûlée: a delicious blend of vanilla and caramel that tastes so close to the real deal, I have a hard time reminding myself that it’s coffee, and not the popular dessert that even earned itself a mention in the popular High School Musical series.  After settling back into the school mode […]

It’s Just One of Those Days

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Wild Mountain Blueberry: a sweet taste of “juicy sun-kissed blueberries”. This is my favorite cup to let brew on a warm morning. It smells just like the fresh blueberries of a summer fruit salad or on top of a stack of buttery waffles. This coffee makes mornings taste sweet, every […]

On the “Write” Track

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Pumpkin Spice, a personal fall favorite: I really enjoy “the experience of fresh-baked pumpkin pie” in a cup. It reminds me and excites me about the months of fall to come and the warm fuzziness that comes with Thanksgiving with my loving family. While sneaking a peek at the tips from […]

The Start of My Writer Timeline

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Island Coconut: a coffee I like to drink when I’m in need of a reminder of warmer, summer days. It has a unique “coconut flavor that transports your senses to the tropics” New laptop, new fonts? No problem. Second Shots has taken on a new look , as my personal […]

Reality in Writing

Now Brewing: Basement Brewhaus Sassafrass: This sweet blend of peppermint and chocolate is good for a morning wake-up, with its minty fresh taste. It also reminds me of Christmastime spent eating Andes Candies by a roasting fire. There’s an Andes factory in my hometown, Delavan, so I’m partial to these decadent chocolates. After a very productive weekend […]

Welcome to Writer’s Anonymous Kathryn

Now Brewing: Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle: (My all-time favorite cup to brew! It takes me back to spring days spent picking raspberries from the vines across from my grandparents house. It’s “a rich coffee enhanced with chocolate and juicy raspberry flavors” Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m a write-aholic. It’s been four days, […]