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Daring to Go Electronic

Now Brewing: As I helped decorate the Christmas tree this past weekend at home with family, my father poured my mother and I a glass of creamy eggnog–a holiday staple. Although my family always buys a big gallon and everyone enjoys a cup or two, we always seem to have some left however. After my […]

“With All The Grace of a Pig on a Frozen Pond”, it’s T.D. Wulf

Now Brewing: Green Mountain Coffee’s Breakfast Blend. This is my first time brewing this and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not typically a fan of darker blends, but this one had subtle hints of both light and dark roasts which made for a very sweet morning cup. A wonderful way to […]

If You Write Chick Lit or Your Writing Becomes the Center of Pop Culture….You Might Not Get Covered

Now Brewing: Van Houtte’s Harvest Blend: this coffee is perfect for fall evenings like tonight, where we have heard rumors of approaching snow, but still see remnants of falling leaves and can get away with wearing our good leather moccasins for at least a few more hours. It has a unique taste which mirrors these […]

A Sci-Fi Look at National Novel Writing Month

Now Brewing: Gloria Jean’s Swiss Chocolate Almond, a chocolatey blend with a nutty twist that is perfect for a fall evening. There’s nothing I like better than Swiss chocolate and it reminds me of family trips to the Swiss village of New Glarus, Wisconsin. I love the look of the Swiss-designed houses, shops, and hotels. […]

The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Now Brewing: Basement Brewhaus‘ drink of the month the Sap Sucker. This sweet mix of maple flavors is perfect for this fall evening. It’s warmness extends not only from the coffee itself, but well into my belly as I sip this cup. As another school week comes to an end, I’m proud to announce that […]