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The 15 Minute Passion Project

Now Brewing: Isagenix Organic Coffee. I never full gave up coffee on Isagenix (shhh!) but I’m so happy that they’re finally selling coffee so I can stop feeling so guilty about my habit and keep in line with my plan. Throughout high school and most of college, I used to pride myself on being able […]

What’s The Deal With Queries?! And What You Need To Know About What To Do and Not Do When Writing One

Now Brewing: Starbucks Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s baaaaaack and better than ever. I finally bit the bullet this year and registered myself for a Starbucks gift card so I could reap the rewards (okay mainly the free in-store refills). I could not be happier that I chose to do this during my favorite Starbs […]

Cost-Effective Editing That Won’t Skimp Out On Quality

Now Brewing: Coffee People’s Tree Hugger Extra Bold. I chose this cup this morning because my campus was voted on The Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll. I also felt that conservation related well to the frugality of today’s post and although this cup might not save you a ton of the green stuff, at […]

The Adventure Along The Way

Now Brewing: Celestial Seasonings’ Sweet Raspberry Perfect Iced Tea: Spring is here it seems and I felt it was necessary to enjoy one of my favorite warmer weather K-Cups this afternoon. This variety is one of the Brew-Over-Ice options that you can make in the Keurig brewer. It definitely reminds me of summer and keeps […]

The “Write” Inspiration–Music

Now Brewing: Gloria Jean’s Mudslide: this coffee has been one of my favorites for awhile now. I first got a single K-Cup of it when I bought my Keurig brewer and was given a sample pack of cups. It’s got a rich chocolate flavor that really makes it taste more like a candy bar than […]

When the Mornings Come a Bit Too Early…

Now Brewing: Caribou Coffee’s Daybreak Morning Blend: since my morning started seemingly earlier than ever after a long winter break of sleeping in late and waking up with nothing to do–I figured what better way than to greet the day with this delicious cup. I’ve always favored Caribou coffees over Starbucks and was pleased to […]

Expression through Writing

Now Brewing: This fruity blend of caribbean and coconut flavors is definitely living up to its namesake “Jamaica Me Crazy” by Wolfgang Puck. It’s the perfect mix of flavors that take me back to sweeter, sunnier mornings where I can’t see my breath and there isn’t sparkling frost decorating the scene outside my window. Forget […]

Daring to Go Electronic

Now Brewing: As I helped decorate the Christmas tree this past weekend at home with family, my father poured my mother and I a glass of creamy eggnog–a holiday staple. Although my family always buys a big gallon and everyone enjoys a cup or two, we always seem to have some left however. After my […]

A Sci-Fi Look at National Novel Writing Month

Now Brewing: Gloria Jean’s Swiss Chocolate Almond, a chocolatey blend with a nutty twist that is perfect for a fall evening. There’s nothing I like better than Swiss chocolate and it reminds me of family trips to the Swiss village of New Glarus, Wisconsin. I love the look of the Swiss-designed houses, shops, and hotels. […]

The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Now Brewing: Basement Brewhaus‘ drink of the month the Sap Sucker. This sweet mix of maple flavors is perfect for this fall evening. It’s warmness extends not only from the coffee itself, but well into my belly as I sip this cup. As another school week comes to an end, I’m proud to announce that […]